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Cycle epic European destinations across France, Spain and Italy

Unravel the best mountain regions as you cycle the Pyrenees, Alps, Corsica, and Provence. Embrace the challenge and ride the iconic climbs of the Tour de France, Giro, and Vuelta
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From Epic Destinations…

Welcome to the wild side; we invite you to discover the worlds best cycling destinations with our custom biking tours.

From the sky puncturing peaks of the French, Spanish, and Andorran Pyrenees to the snow dusted caps of the French, Italian, and Swiss Alps, the golden coast of Corsica, the beautiful Basque region and beyond – you mark the map and we will show you the way.

To Dramatic Climbs…

Forging the backbone of Europe's best cycling destinations; the Tour de France, the Giro d'Italia, and the Vuelta a Espagna set the foundations for iconic adventure cycling. Land of legends, awe-inspiring ascents, and personal victories, riding the routes and climbs inspired by the worlds most lauded pro-bike tours is a rite of passage for any passionate cyclist.

From the towering Tourmalet to the mythical Mont-Ventoux, the historic trails of the Aubisque, and the glory of Galibier – these climbs are the crowning jewels and what makes these rare regions, the worlds best cycling destinations.

The beauty, sweat and tears propelling you to dizzying new heights truly raises the bar. Like climbing Everest or sailing the Arctic Circle, our custom cycling tours set a new standard for what you can achieve in life.

Get Off the Beaten Track…

Our custom cycling tours are designed around your vision and your dream. Every cyclist has a different goal, while our local expertise means we know every nook and cranny of the TDF, Giro, and Vuelta, we also specialize in bespoke backroads cycling tours that help you unravel remote roads and regional highlights across every corner of France, Spain, Andorra, Italy and Switzerland. We consider ourselves bicycle buccaneers, forever on a quest to find the finest undiscovered rides for our clients to conquer.

But it's not all fast and furious pedaling, each custom cycle tour is seasoned with epicurean delights, authentic local encounters, and intimate lodgings; turning a sport into a spiritual sojourn.

Our Testimonials


Our Testimonials

  • Stephen Hawke,
    United Kingdom

    They absolutely understand what their customers want, both in terms of the difficulty of the itinerary as well as the support that is needed.

  • Mark Peakman,
    United Kingdom

    They are highly professional, expert cyclists, thoughtful, caring, and fun. Food, lodging, and transportation were great!

  • Matt Barlett,
    New Zealand

    VeloTopo single handedly coordinated and orchestrated one of the most tailored and customized cycling tours I have had the pleasure of completing.


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Embrace Five-Star Service…

Whether you seek hair-raising bends and adrenaline drama or flowing curves and one of a kind wines, we can perfectly align our itineraries with your way of seeing the world.

We believe that brilliant adventures don't come from a copy and paste tour book which is why, here at VéloTopo we never plan the same tour twice. Each and every detail of our cycling tours are completely crafted to your preference – from dates to destinations, roads to rest stops, our custom bike trips give you once in a lifetime one of a kind excursions. Why ride around the periphery, when with our in-depth itineraries you can plunge right into a place.

While some of our VeloTopo cyclists like to sail free and easy, others join us for the power and prowess of pushing their limits. Soft or strong, epic or easy, you pick the pace and we showcase the splendor of Europe's finest regions.

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A huge part of Europe's charm is her culinary
cool and cozy retreats

We know that days on the road can be exhilarating and wonderfully exhausting, which is why we have handpicked the finest places to rest and savor along the way. From striking French chateau's to firelit Alpine chalets, hidden small hotels, and Provencal prettiness – fine feather beds and steamy showers are always waiting.

Chat to us about combining world class cycling with gorgeous gastronomy

Our Story

Headed by Jean-Philippe and Yumi, VéloTopo captures the love, legacy, and folklore of some of Europe's most spectacular cycling destinations.

Born in 2006, VéloTopo brings together a pure passion for cycling with close native knowledge of Europe's finest mountain scenes. Rather than spreading cycling thin across multiple corners, VéloTopo condenses their expertise so they can curate deep and daring tours of the Pyrenees, the Alps, Provence and Corsica.

VéloTopo takes cycling tours to a whole new level with state-of-the-art vehicles, equipment, a team dedicated to helping you break your personal boundaries, and a desire to keep you breathing in beauty with every turn of the wheel. Because every itinerary and tour is entirely custom made to fit your wildest desires at VéloTopo we redefine the true meaning of boutique bicycle tours.

A French native with US nationality, Jean-Philippe grew up in the soaring peak playground of the Pyrenees.

Alongside that native knowledge of the area, it was also working as an elite special force mountain commando in the Alps that gifted him vital mountain guiding and rescue experience. Since then, Jean-Philippe has spent a lifetime traversing these mountains on his beloved bike. A professional and highly experienced cycling coach with dual guide licenses in both France and the USA, Jean-Philippe's local knowledge of the roads, routes, trails and tight mountain passes across the Pyrenees, Alps, Corsica, and all mountain regions makes him a vault of invaluable insider knowledge. This native expertise combined with decades of cycling and mountain rescue experience ensures that he can guide you safely to glory, across some of Europe's most challenging and enchanting cycling trails.

Born and raised in Japan, Yumi holds both a teaching license and a master's degree in linguistics.

Yumi found her love for sport at a young age and has participated in competitive events all her life. After finishing her studies she left Japan for Central America, where her love of logistics and finely-tuned organization skills lent itself perfectly to her work in cultural communication, PR, business logistics and more. Later extensive travels across multiple continents only added to this skillset, along with pursuing her personal passion for cycling. Yumi's continued logistical expertise has seen her synchronizing large-scale cycling events and an entire cycling club in North-America. Her multifaceted approach to perfect organization, her commitment to detail and her warm dedication to our guests is one of the hallmarks that gifts VéloTopo its ability to curate out of this world adventures. From fine-tuning the details to legendary logistics planning, with Yumi behind the scenes, your tour won't skip a beat.

The freedom of the open road, the heart pounding pleasure of conquering climbs, and the chance to immerse yourself in the rare heart and heritage of Europe's best cycling destinations – this is just the tip of the iceberg.

When you pedal alongside VéloTopo – all the details are delivered with professionalism, passion, and a promise that we will take you deeper into the cycling lore, the landscapes, and the local culture. With VéloTopo it's not a race, but a journey and we invite you to soak up every second.

Contact us and together, lets curate a journey like no other.

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