Custom Pyrenees Cycling Tours: Open Training Camp

"As a cyclist, it is when you hit the road that you can truly appreciate the VéloTopo experience!" ~Rick Wright

"It is when you hit the road that you can truly appreciate the VéloTopo experience!" ~Rick Wright

Pyrenees Bike Camp | Mt-Ventoux & Provence Bike Camp
VéloTopo Open Training Bike Camps

VéloTopo Open Training Cycling Camps

Pyrenees Bike Tours: Ride our Pyrenees Cycling Training Camp

As a cycling tour operator, we're highly specialized in custom tours for private groups with a couple of exceptions which are our Pyrenees and Provence Open Training Bike Camps.

In order to cater to the individuals, solo cyclists and couples who often contact us to join an existing tour, we're now offering special Training Bike Camps to the Pyrenees and Mt-Ventoux. Our Training Camps are open to all. Small groups are equally welcome to join while large groups might be better served with a custom private tour.

Bike Training Camps vs Custom Private Cycling tours:


Bike Training Camps are open to all; custom tours are reserved to private groups.

Bike Training Camps have set dates and duration; custom tours are offered on your preferred dates and for the duration you wish.

Bike Training Camps are offered in the early season; the high season is reserved for custom tours.

Bike Training Camps are cheaper, particularly for solo cyclists and/or smaller groups.

Bike Training camps are a great and affordable way to benefit from the industry leading expertise and high level of services on which VéloTopo built its reputation over the last decade.

Don't miss your chance to ride legendary mountain climbs and scenic routes on our next training camps.

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