Spain's Best Cycling Tours: Bicycle Ride in Asturias and Cantabria

"As a cyclist, it is when you hit the road that you can truly appreciate the VéloTopo experience!" ~Rick Wright

"It is when you hit the road that you can truly appreciate the VéloTopo experience!" ~Rick Wright

Spanish Bicycle Tours: Cycle the best of Asturias & Cantabria, Pico de Europa, Lagos de Covadonga & Angliru

Spanish Asturias & Cantabria Cycling Tour

Best Spain Bicycle Tours: Ride through the mountains of Asturias and Cantabria

The Spanish regions of Asturias and Cantabria are still considered to be off-the-beaten-path for cyclists.

The increasing popularity and recent worldwide TV broadcast of the Vuelta a Espana is finally revealing these two splendid regions.

Both regions often see the fiercest battles for the red leader jersey of the Vuelta.

Cantabria features the impressive mountain national park of Pico de Europa, and Asturias features the breathtaking Lagos de Covadonga and the mighty Angliru.

Angliru is the challenge of a lifetime, but it's an optional climb and there is much more to cycling Asturias. Scenic, no-traffic rural and mountain roads abound, including the famous Vuelta climbs of Fuente-De, Salto de la Cabra, Jito de Escarandi, Coto-Bello, La Cubilla and many more...

The region of Asturias is also famous for its gastronomy and particularly for its cider and artisanal blue cheese productions, both rated as some of the world's best. This tour is a great opportunity to ride superb off-the-beaten-track mountain roads while sampling the local cuisine and culture.

We'll design your 7 to 10-day custom tour to match your abilities and desires and ride the absolute best routes of the Vuelta a Espana.

Our selection of the best hotels and delicious cuisine combined with our excellent support and custom itinerary routes makes this a very special experience.

You can choose your date of departure from June to September.

You can add one more day to attempt to climb the mighty Angliru.

Don't miss your chance to ride across these two regions and ascent many of the Vuelta's famous mountain climbs.

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