Europe's Best Custom Bicycle Tours to France, Spain, Italy and Switzerland

"This was my fifth riding trip to France and I should have done it with VéloTopo since the beginning as every service claim made on the website is so true. The customer service and willingness to go the extra mile was superb. The hotels were comfortable with such nice staff, the routes were as challenging as we requested." ~James Gracey

"The customer service and willingness to go the extra mile was superb!" ~James Gracey

VéloTopo Bespoke: True Custom Cycling Tours & Services!

Custom Cycling Tours!

Europe's Best Private Custom Cycling Tours & Services

Our private cycling services are the ideal, innovative solution to the sad fact that even the best, most flexible tours can cramp the style of a cycling free spirit.

If you already know exactly where you want to ride, we can easily make it happen.

If you're long on enthusiasm but the details are still a little hazy, you can choose one of our featured tour themes for your preferred destination. You can combine any tour themes you wish and we can customize at will.

Or, if you enjoy having someone else deal with the how, when and where while you just enjoy the experience, we can give you the ultimate cycling experience without the pesky details.

There are many terrific rides that we know about as locals—secluded, lower valleys of the Pyrenees, the drier landscapes of Spain, the lush and wild Basque, the hidden side of the Alps, the spectacular climbs of Switzerland, the secrets roads of Corsica, the superb and challenging climbs of Spain... We'll make the whole of the mountainous regions of France, Spain, Italy and Switzerland your personal playground.

Flexibility is a word that you just won't see associated with guided cycling vacations but it makes a difference.

Take charge of as many—or as few—of the details as you desire: your lodging quality; the number of days and the dates; whatever climbs you want and day-to-day flexibility are all part of the plan. You choose just the parts that you want to concern yourself with and we'll take care of all the rest, whether it's a lot or just a little.

With distances and elevation gains that are modular, your riding desires and level of fitness decide the itinerary's details. This time, the only limit on your vacation is your imagination and we can even help you there. Once you arrive, you choose the way that your vacation unfolds.

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