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"Excellent support; the best of any of the 10 previous European tours I've done!" ~B.C. Rimbeaux

"Excellent support; the best of any of the 10 previous European tours I've done!" ~B.C. Rimbeaux

Custom Cycling Tours: Guide vs. Support Service!

Cycling Guide vs. Support Service!

Custom Cycling Tours: Guided Tours vs. Fully Supported Tours

With both of these options, Jean-Philippe and/or other VéloTopo guides will personally assist you with your custom private tour.

It is your choice whether you'd prefer to have a guide cycle with you, or choose the comfort of a support vehicle with you at all times. You can choose to alternate or you may also choose to combine both our guided and fully supported services.

One of the benefits of having us as guides/support on your private tour, in addition to being able to share with you our extensive knowledge of the regional culture and history, is that we will be able to modify your itinerary on a daily basis to accommodate your changing needs and desires, adapt to the weather and add more options as we go.

Mountain cycling tours in particular are better served with our support service. We are able to give each participant all the attention and support they need at all times during the day. It's the option offering you the most comfort.

A guide service is better suited to very small groups or groups with a very homogenous level that can ride together at the same pace. The best benefit would be to use a guide to ride on narrow rural roads with the very rare case of complex navigation where a support vehicle could not easily navigate an entire group. The service choice is entirely yours or we can recommend the best option for your group and the itinerary you choose.

Whether you choose a guided/supported or self-guided tour, read what others have to say about their cycling experience with us. We love sharing our passion and knowledge and look forward to doing so with you.

Let us help you design a dream cycling vacation you'll never forget!

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