Mt-Ventoux and Provence Cycling Tours: Open Training Camp

"As a cyclist, it is when you hit the road that you can truly appreciate the VéloTopo experience!" ~Rick Wright

"It is when you hit the road that you can truly appreciate the VéloTopo experience!" ~Rick Wright

Special 2018 Mt-Ventoux and Provence Cycling Camp:
May 13 — 19, 2018

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7-Day Open Training Camp: 520 km | 11,797 m — 323 mi | 38,706 ft

Mt-Ventoux and Provence Cycling Camp: May 13 — May 19

Mt-Ventoux and Provence Bike Tours: Open Training Camp

Mont-Ventoux is the world's most famous cycling mountain. Featured numerous times in the Tour de France it staged countless epic cycling battles. The biggest names in the history of cycling have had victorious moments or tragic defeats on Mt-Ventoux.

Every cyclist should climb Mt-Ventoux at least once in a lifetime. On this special VéloTopo Training Camp, you will get a chance to climb Mt-Ventoux on all three sides, each time on a unique and different scenic loop. It's going to be a fantastic experience!

There is more to Provence than Mt-Ventoux. On this VéloTopo Training Bike Camp, you'll also ride picturesque Provence roads through lavender and olive fields and discover medieval villages labeled as most beautiful in France. You'll ride through the landscapes that have inspired the paintings of Van Gogh and Cezanne.

After this training camp, you'll watch the Tour de France with a new enriched perspective.

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