Custom Pyrenees Cycling Tours: Climb Tourmalet

"Climbing Tourmalet truly was a transformative experience. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done and the magnitude of that effort, both physical and spiritual, left me with a new, deeper understanding of myself." ~John Castaneda

"Climbing Tourmalet truly was a transformative experience." ~John Castaneda

Custom Pyrenees Cycling Tours: Tourmalet Made Easy

Tourmalet Cycling Tours

Pyrenees Custom Bike Tours: Climb Tourmalet

You're dreaming of climbing Tourmalet but don't think you can hag it? All Pyrenees bike tours with huge elevation gain seem too daunting? Welcome to our "Tourmalet Made Easy" bicycle tour.

Tourmalet offers spectacular scenery. Featured over a hundred times in the Tour de France makes Tourmalet the climb of all climbs, the king of the Pyrenees as well as the most important landmark of the world's most famous cycling race. Climbing it once in a lifetime is an amazing challenge yielding a great feeling of accomplishment.

Most Pyrenees cycling tours target avid climbers. This tour is different. It's your unique private tour to gradually progress from one scenic mountain climb to another to reach your final goal of climbing Tourmalet. We designed this tour specifically to help you realize your dream.

You will ride daily on scenic mountain roads of the Pyrenees' lower valleys and attempt a few spectacular but less challenging climbs.

You will ride at your own pace without ever being pressured to make it to the top or ascend uncomfortably fast to keep up with others.

Even if you've never climbed over 4,000ft before, you might surprise yourself. Just a few days warming up on lower mountains, and with the proper support, reaching the top might be easier than you think. It will be one of your most memorable cycling experiences.

Come with your friends and let the Pyrenees and Tourmalet touch your heart and make you a different cyclist.

This tour can be entirely customized to your desires. You can choose your date of departure from June until the end of September.

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