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"J-Philippe prepared a personalized self-guided tour for us, taking into consideration our cycling experience and ability. We were thrilled to find each day's itinerary was eminently achievable but a significant challenge as well." ~Mary Roglich

"J-Phi prepared a personalized self-guided tour for us, taking into consideration our cycling experience and ability." ~Mary Roglich

Bespoke Self-Guided Bike Tour Options

Bespoke Self-Guided Bike Tour Options

Private Custom Self-Guided Cycling Tours

VéloTopo offers 2 self-guided options: Luggage Transfer or Self-Reliance.

Each has its benefits. One may be better adapted to your specific self-guided tour:

Option 1: Luggage Transfer

VéloTopo arranges for your luggage transfer between hotels. It's a perfect solution if your tour focuses on a single region with limited number of hotel transfers and short distances between hotels. Pricing depends on the number of hotel transfers and the distance between each hotel.

The number of transfers depends on the region, the duration of the tour, the cycling abilities and the desires of each group.

Option 2: Self-Reliance

This option allows much more flexibility. You'd rent a vehicle to arrange for your own luggage transfers. In addition to being a cheaper option, this has the following benefits:

You'd have a vehicle to transfer from/to the airport/train station to your hotels at the start and end of your tour.

You'd have a vehicle to visit places when off the bike and we'd recommend the best visits.

Your itinerary can include more hotel transfers and the cost of your tour won't be affected by long distances between transfers.

You can drive to the start/finish of your cycling routes to only focus on the absolute best riding.

You could shorten your itinerary in case of poor weather.

You can cycle through many regions/countries and reach remote areas to cycle superb out-the-beaten-track climbs that may not be offered with a luggage transfer option.

On self-reliance tours, we can design your custom itineraries in two different ways to match your desires:

2A: Daily Loops

We can design all your daily routes to end where they started (whether it's your hotel or a place you'd drive to shorten a route). When transferring to another valley or region, all participants would transfer by vehicle.

2B: Loops & Crossings or Crossings

We could also build a combination of loops from hotels with a few crossing from hotel to hotel. On these crossing days, one participant would drive the vehicle and enjoy a rest day while being able to offer support to the others.

The Self-Reliance service offers the most flexibility in designing the most unique itineraries. It's also the perfect solution for accompanying non-cyclists. The vehicle rental cost if offset by the cheaper price of this tour option. We offer this service to every destination where we offer a guided/supported tour.

Regardless of the option you'd choose, your custom self-guided tour will be as unique and personalized as you wish. We've built our reputation on designing true bespoke tours to match the abilities and desires of each private group to the absolute best cycling routes.

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