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"We're always scouting out the world for the absolute best and most spectacular cycling destinations. Our passion is sharing them!" ~VéloTopo

"We're scouting out the world for the best cycling destinations. Our passion is sharing them!" ~VéloTopo

VéloTopo Testimonials: What our customers say about us

VéloTopo Testimonials

VéloTopo Private Custom Bicycle Tours: Testimonials

Approximately 12 months ago, a small number of cyclists and their partners from Australia decided to embark on a cycling adventure in France and witness one of the greatest sporting events in the world — the 100th running of the Tour de France. Our group also wanted to take on the challenge of conquering some of the greatest mountain cycling challenges in the Pyrenees and Bordeaux regions.

Initially the group intended to use a bike tour company in Australia, however, a local bike shop in Brisbane suggested we contact Jean-Philippe from "VéloTopo — Best of the Pyrenees". Our initial query was promptly answered and Jean-Philippe posed numerous questions for the group. In a very short period of time, we were provided with a very concise, professional and informative suggested itinerary that catered for everyone's requirements, desires and needs.

I personally looked forward to a 10-day cycling adventure that embraced the famous Tour de France rides and also catered for my wife's love of food, shopping, culture and spectacular scenery. Unfortunately due to a health concern, I was advised by my doctor that I would not be able to ride 3 days prior to the trip. This was obviously devastating news but I still looked forward to our long awaited trip.

From my first contact, I found Jean-Philippe and his wife Yumi an extremely warm and welcoming couple. They were both very considerate and empathetic to my personal situation and assured me that the trip would be wonderful. They were not wrong. Both Jean-Philippe and Yumi are truly fascinating people who have lived a very full and exciting life. Their general knowledge is exceptional, their stories captivating and their attention to detail is first class. They constantly ensure all guests, both cyclist and non cyclist are happy and well catered for.

I would encourage all cyclists with non-cyclists in their group who are considering traveling to France, Italy, Switzerland or Spain to contact Jean-Philippe and Yumi at "VéloTopo". I can assure you that you will not be disappointed. I also look forward to using this company in the next 12 to 18 months so I can fulfill my biking dreams. Regards,

     ~Tony McIntosh, Australia

   Tony participated in 2 VéloTopo Bike Tours: 1 Pyrenees-Dordogne, 1 Corsica-Sardinia.

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