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"We're always scouting out the world for the absolute best and most spectacular cycling destinations. Our passion is sharing them!" ~VéloTopo

"We're scouting out the world for the best cycling destinations. Our passion is sharing them!" ~VéloTopo

VéloTopo Testimonials: What our customers say about us

VéloTopo Testimonials

VeloTopo Private Custom Bicycle Tours: Testimonials

It's only having just returned from my fourth trip with you and taken time out to reflect I realise why I have to keep coming back for new adventures with you guys.

You've road checked (excuse the pun) every single detail; every mile (sorry kilometre) of road, every view, every hotel (every type of room), every restaurant, where I need my lights for tunnels, where I need my jacket and warm clothes, where I need to watch for particularly bad roads in descents and when I shall need a snack and most importantly of all with impeccable timing Yumi will always be ready with a smile and a hot cuppa ("here you go Nick, I've made you a 2&2"....2 milks, 2 sugars just how I like my tea after a grueling climb....British I know but works for me!).

French Alps, Pyrenees, Corsica and now Dolomites.....where next? Wherever we decide I know one thing for sure, it will be spellbindingly beautiful and every last detail will be covered.

Thank you thank you and thrice thank you beautiful people.

With all best wishes your friend "Le petit Nicolas"

     ~Nick Tribe, UK

   Nick Tribe participated in 7 VéloTopo Bike Tours: 3 Pyrenees, 1 Alps, 1 Provence, 1 Corsica, 1 Dolomites.

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