At VéloTopo we don’t believe in A to B, as born cyclists we understand the allure of chasing unchartered roads, getting off track, and following in the footsteps of the cycling greats who have gone before us. We offer carefully curated custom cycling tours that go beyond the ordinary. Whether seeking all-inclusive cycling tours, to tackle Tour de France mountains, or to seek out undiscovered twisty roads with a wealth of local knowledge supporting every spin of the wheel, we invite you to soak up every second in VeloTopo style.

Their attention to detail; cycling routes, van support, hotels and of course, the amazing food, is truly at the highest level. This is our second tour with this fantastic company and we will return for another adventure for sure!
~Joseph Bracchitta

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    Custom Cycling Tours

    Our custom cycling tours don’t stick to well-worn templates, we don’t believe in copy and paste adventures. Being a thoroughly boutique bicycle tour brand we make sure that each and every cycling tour we offer has been tailored from the very first thread. Made for you at every turn. As an intimate cycling company – we celebrate an individual approach every step of the way.

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    Custom Cycling Itineraries

    Local knowledge, language, and 12 years of experience crafting unique road cycling itineraries– these are the sublime skills that allow us to build 100% bespoke itineraries across the best cycling destinations in Europe. For over a quarter of a century we have been peddling these cycling tracks, seeking out the best spots for our beloved clients. Cycling isn’t just a business to us, it’s a way of life.

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    Cycling Guide Service

    With more than 16 years professional guiding service and a wealth of languages beneath our belt, not to mention a native understanding of both the major and magical backroads of Europe’s most inspiring mountain passes, we offer an unparalleled personal service when it comes to fully licensed guided cycling tours. Discover untouched trails, breeze through complex navigation, and let the road (and us) take you to amazing places.

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    Cycling Support Service

    The comfort of a cycling tour can be redefined when you have a sophisticated support service nurturing you with every kilometer you take. Cycling is the fabric of our lives– we comprehend the challenges, the pitfalls, and the perfection of pushing your limits. From warm vehicles to technical support and snacks and jackets on hand – with our team behind you, get ready to soar to spectacular new heights.

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    Fine Food and Lodging

    From grand chateaux stays in France to fire crackling chalets in Italy, we hand-pick only the most luscious lodgings for your stay. On our cycling tours of Europe we invite you to embrace a country’s heritage – sip and swirl award-winning wines, dine on delectable local flavors, and forge native friendships made to last.

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