Our cycling tours of the Pyrenees region captures that seamless blend of scenic pleasures, cultural treasures, famous mountains, and rural lesser-known roads.

Rippling between the France and Spanish border, the green glory of the Pyrenees offers endless choice miles of sublime cycling. Hemmed in on either side by two oceans, brimming with natural parks, circled by majestic mountain loops, and boasting many epic stages of the Tour de France; Cycle excitement abounds in the Pyrenees making it one of the finest spots for France bike tours. With names like Tourmalet, Aubisque, and Aspin, you can count on plenty of challenges custom-made to match your saddle style and pace.

Be inspired by our tailor-made tours of the Pyrenees

The following Pyrenees cycling tours are not premade templates limited to a set itinerary for a set number of days. Rather, they are themed ideas and cycling suggestions to inspire you. Each tour will be completely custom-made; from the duration to the roads and the rest-stops – every detail is designed to match your personal preferences. You are also invited to combine multiple themes and choose your own adventure.

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They took us off the main tourist routes and opened our eyes to a whole new undiscovered world of idyllic hidden valleys, beautiful villages and absolutely stunning views!
~Nick Tribe

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    Best of the Pyrenees; The Epic Climbs

    Those who want to push themselves to the sky will love our tailormade epic climb tours. From the towering giant of Tourmalet to the legendary Tour de France passes like the Col d’Aubisque– these are some of the most scenic and spectacular climbs that make the Tour de France so famous.

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    Pyrenees Raid – Sea to Sea Crossing

    Riding across the backbone of the Pyrenees that stretches from sea to sea is also known as the Pyrenean Raid. A journey that will take you from the surf crashing wild Atlantic Coast to the turquoise Mediterranean Sea.

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    Tour de France; Watch and Ride

    For cycling enthusiasts no event holds more historical awe than the famous Tour de France. Celebrated as the largest annual sporting event, every year sees thousands of fans descend on France to cheer pro cyclists to the finish line.

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    Wild Basque Country

    With lush and wild landscapes that swallow up stunning sections of France and Spain, the beauty of the Basque Country has inspired cyclists for centuries. From craggy coast to majestic mountains; your cycling adventure of the Basque Country can take you from salt air to sky puncturing peaks.

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    Andorra and Catalonia Cycling Tours

    Wedged between France and Spain, Andorra may be pint-sized but it certainly makes an impression. Cyclists pulled in by the promise of epic climbs, remote reaches, and the chance to tackle the playgrounds of the Tour de France will find themselves enchanted by this Pyrenean Principality.

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    France and Spain National Park Loops

    France and Spain are considered two of the very best cycling destinations in the world. While arguably the more diverse and compelling cycling climbs can be found in the lush green side of the French Pyrenees, the Spanish Pyrenees still has plenty of flair.

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    Pyrenees Open Training Camp

    Whether a small group, an individual, or a couple, we can offer a passionate and powerful environment to reach all your cycling goals.