Our cycling tours of the Alps offer commanding views, glacial peaks, and cycle routes that invite you to stand on the shoulders of giants.

The Alps have long been a draw for conquerors and cyclists seeking epic climbs, a closer look at mountain cultures, and the chance to crisscross borders abundant in natural beauty. Gaze upon the wonder of Mont-Blanc from the Aiguille de Midi, embrace classic cycling lore as you pedal the Alpe d’Huez, and hit new heights as you explore off the beaten track corners of Gran-Paradiso. Whether you choose to explore from the French, Italian or Swiss side, or if you sew together all three – you can be sure that this cycling adventure tour will be brimming with historic sights, winding roads, remote wonder, sparkling lakes, and a warm welcome at every door.

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The following Alps cycling tours are not premade templates limited to a set itinerary for a set number of days. Rather, they are themed ideas and cycling suggestions to inspire you. Each tour will be completely custom-made; from the duration to the roads and the rest-stops – every detail is designed to match your personal preferences. You are also invited to combine multiple themes and choose your own adventure.

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J-Phillipe has an encyclopedia-like knowledge of the area. He put together a route that featured classic Tour de France climbs as well as secret gems.
~Craig, Dalton

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    Best of the Alps; The Epic Climbs

    The thrill of cycling the French Alps taps into something primal deep within. The colossal snow-capped peaks jutting up to pierce the sky, the clang of a cow bell, and the ice-cold flow of sweet streams and lonely roads makes for an Alps cycling tour that is nothing short of iconic.

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    Best of the French and Italian Alps Tours

    Cyclists travel from near and far to cycle one of the world’s most majestic mountain ranges. Rippling across Europe like a whales backbone, the Alps links Nice to Vienna in a single swoop. For riders the Alpine heights are the ultimate quest when it comes to cycling adventure tours.

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    Tour du Mont-Blanc

    France, Italy and Switzerland – take a deep breath as you pedal and plunge into one of Europe’s most outstanding mountain vistas. The Tour du Mont Blanc is mountains upon mountains. Not only will you perfect your bike riding stride but you will also be privy to pedaling other greats such as Grand Paradiso.