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    Stephen Hawke
    United Kingdom



    They absolutely understand what their customers want...

    This was our group's third trip with Jean-Philippe and Yumi and as repeat clients we are always delighted how their attention to detail never slips. They absolutely understand what their customers want, both in terms of the difficulty of the itinerary as well as the support that is needed. Ours is a mixed ability set of riders and careful planning is vital, so the success of our trip is a practical demonstration of the bespoke service they deliver: a service that is, to my knowledge, unique in cycling tours.

    After the Pyrenees and Corsica (both stunning and memorable) this year we had a custom made 7 days focussing on the Italian Alps. The itinerary was refined in the months leading up to the trip to generate challenging climbs with an emphasis on the natural beauty of the region. Yes, of course we did a number of Tour and Giro ascents but far more memorable were the less celebrated climbs: the tranquillity and sheer magnificence of the setting making for a truly spiritual experience and the physical demands were equally awesome. To survey the view from the top of the Colle del Nivolet and its vast panorama of mountains and lakes, serene and devoid of any human intrusion was a thing of wonder and truly life affirming.

    And to get these experiences we rely on Jean-Philippe's unrivalled knowledge of the mountains, his eye for a climb that other tour companies don't know (or don't care) about and, above all, his and Yumi's passion for what they do. They were there for us, as they always are, at every stage of the climb with words of encouragement, water and food and, at the summit, tables laid out with an array of snacks and drinks. They organised restaurants at lunchtime and charming hotels for the evenings: evenings that often stretched long into the night with great food eaten and wine flowing, unwise preparation for the day ahead but all part of the whole experience.

    I cannot recommend Jean-Philippe and Yumi's custom-made tours highly enough. That we are three time returnees is compelling enough evidence, but the fact that we are already starting to plan next year's itinerary is absolute proof.

    Stephen participated in 5 VéloTopo Bike Tours: 3 Pyrenees, 1 Alps, 1 Corsica.

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    Sue Scott



    The best cycling I've ever done and we've cycled a lot of different countries/places!

    Jean-Philippe's "Best of the Pyrenees" Tour was a truly outstanding, memorable and challenging cycling adventure!

    We wanted to experience the best climbing the Pyrenees has to offer and he delivered without exception! The variety of cycling routes, spectacular scenery, famous Tour de France stages (and other equally arduous and beautiful routes) combined with his amazing local knowledge and compelling stories created an exceptional experience.

    It was absolutely incredible and exceeded my expectations with surreal peace and beauty. The best cycling I've ever done and we've cycled a lot of different countries/places! I loved the challenging hill climbs and distances.

    Jean-Philippe obviously puts a great deal of effort and thought into his itineraries ensuring a customized and flexible experience for his clients. In addition to his amazing organizational and photography skills, attention to detail was put into all aspects of the trip from route selection to photo opportunities to food and accommodation. The routes were incredible each and every day always providing something unique.

    I appreciated Jean-Philippe's enthusiasm and constant encouragement which provided great motivation to push myself out of my comfort zone and accomplish my goal of cycling some of the most demanding climbs in the Pyrenees.

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    Mark Peakman
    United Kingdom



    We have tried other tour organisers, and there are many, but you cannot fail to be impressed by the attention to detail of these guys

    We are really keen that more folk take advantage of VéloTopo —Native Planet Adventures tours! We are a group of "mature" cyclists who lay great store by certain parts of our tours: we want to do classic climbs; we want to do those climbs which offer stunning scenery as well as a great challenge; we want to have tour support during the rides that provides comfort, experience and complete confidence that whatever the event, we are in safe hands. And we like relaxing in the evenings!

    Jean-Philippe and Yumi, who run VéloTopo score 10/10 in all categories, which is why we have been back to them for 3 years in a row now, and just started planning our 4th.

    We have tried other tour organisers, and there are many, but you cannot fail to be impressed by the attention to detail of these guys. If you have some doubts about whether the organization you currently use has your VERY BEST interests at heart, then try VéloTopo!

    Mark participated in 4 VéloTopo Bike Tours: 1 Pyrenees, 1 Alps, 1 Corsica, 1 Dordogne.

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    Ben McCallister



    They are highly professional, expert cyclists, thoughtful, caring, and fun

    Jean-Philippe and Yumi at VéloTopo put together a wonderful cycling trip in Provence. A group of us have been cycling with private tours in Europe for several years, and J.P and Yumi rate 10 stars easily.

    They are highly professional, expert cyclists, thoughtful, caring, and fun. Food, lodging, and transportation were great. Cycling routes were spectacular and tailored to our wishes for daily distance and climbs. Reliable van and mechanical support throughout each ride.

    Can't wait for our next trip with VéloTopo.

    Ben participated in 2 VéloTopo Bike Tours: 1 Provence, 1 Corsica.

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    Nick Tribe
    United Kingdom



    ...I realise why I have to keep coming back for new adventures with you guys

    It's only having just returned from my fourth trip with you and taken time out to reflect I realise why I have to keep coming back for new adventures with you guys.

    You've road checked (excuse the pun) every single detail; every mile (sorry kilometre) of road, every view, every hotel (every type of room), every restaurant, where I need my lights for tunnels, where I need my jacket and warm clothes, where I need to watch for particularly bad roads in descents and when I shall need a snack and most importantly of all with impeccable timing Yumi will always be ready with a smile and a hot cuppa ("here you go Nick, I've made you a 2&2"....2 milks, 2 sugars just how I like my tea after a grueling climb....British I know but works for me!).

    French Alps, Pyrenees, Corsica and now Dolomites.....where next? Wherever we decide I know one thing for sure, it will be spellbindingly beautiful and every last detail will be covered.

    Thank you thank you and thrice thank you beautiful people.

    With all best wishes your friend "Le petit Nicolas"

    Nick participated in 7 VéloTopo Bike Tours: 3 Pyrenees, 1 Alps, 1 Provence, 1 Corsica, 1 Dolomites.

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    Simon Blackwell



    The tour ranks amongst the most fantastic experiences I have ever had...

    I wanted to thank you for an incredible cycling experience in the Pyrenees. I have been on many group cycling trips with other operators before, but this by far was the best.

    The local knowledge that you and the other guides have of the region — from the cycling routes, to the history, and the Tour de France itself — is something that no other operator can match.

    Each person in the group felt that they received customized attention — regardless of cycling level. And everything from meals and hotels, to rest stops, water and food breaks, and support vehicles, was meticulously planned and executed.

    I will definitely return for another adventure with Best of the Pyrenees. Thanks for the perfect cycling vacation!

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    Nicole McIntosh



    VéloTopo is a truly professional company... exceptional!

    This year, my husband and I and 14 other friends undertook our second trip with VéloTopo. We first encountered Jean Philippe and Yumi in 2013 when we visited the Pyrenees with them. Given how successful this trip was, we did not hesitate to recommend them for our trip to Corsica and Sardinia in 2015. We were not disappointed!

    We are a unique group to cater for, as we are not all cyclists. Several of us, including myself, are non-cyclists who enjoy the sport and our partners' enthusiasm for it. Jean Philippe and Yumi are able to offer a personalised experience for both the non-cyclist and cyclist and, unlike several other bike companies, are very happy to include those who don't ride. In fact, their extraordinary care of the non-cyclist and their interests and enjoyment is second to none. This year, we were given our own tour guide, bus and driver to experience the cultural, historical and beauty of these two regions.

    We had the most amazing time and no member of our entire group was disappointed. All expectations from both parties were met and succeeded.

    VéloTopo is a truly professional company whose knowledge, experience and care is exceptional.

    Jean Philippe and Yumi offer a unique opportunity to ride some of the most beautiful areas of Europe with support, advice and enthusiasm for what they do. They are both passionate about delivering a service that goes beyond expectations and they are constantly striving to do the very best they can for all in their care from the moment you engage their services! The preparation before you even arrive is outstanding and they listen carefully to the type of adventure you would like to have custom designing a tour that is just right for you and your group no matter how big or small.

    I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone considering a European cycling holiday. You will never be disappointed. In fact we are planning to tour with them again in 2017! Bring on Spain!

    Nicole participated in 2 VéloTopo Bike Tours as a non-cyclist: 1 Pyrenees-Dordogne, 1 Corsica-Sardinia.

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    Jim Denton



    The routes were meticulously researched... spectacular climbs!

    We were a group of eight very dedicated cyclists looking to push ourselves on classic climbs in the Haute-Pyrenees while also exploring some of the lesser known climbs in Basque country.

    We had an excellent experience with Velotopo. Jean-Philippe and Yumi are passionate about what they do and their enthusiasm during eight challenging days of climbing was much appreciated.

    The routes were meticulously researched and include both the classic cols and some lesser known but equally spectacular climbs.

    The support was excellent especially in some very difficult and unusual weather conditions, which would have stretched other tour operators.

    I would use Velotopo again and would highly recommend them to any group looking for a similar challenge.

    The biking was spectacular and we all have much deeper appreciation of the region, its culinary delights and culture.

    Jim's group participated in 3 VéloTopo Bike Tours: 2 Pyrenees and 1 Alps.

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